NGLN National Network

The Next Generation Leadership Network (NGLN) was established by the Bread Loaf Teacher Network at the Middlebury Bread Loaf School of English (BLTN).  The youth network includes youth from South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky, Vermont and communities from the Navajo Nation.

NGLN focuses on the talents and prospects of youth, with direct attention to youth from under-served areas. It aims:

  • to corral the potential already in evidence in action teams in the BLTN. 
  • to build participation in other areas.
  • to help the youth enhance, refine, and amplify the strengths they are garnering locally by connecting them with each other.  
  • to affirm and support their potential for leadership, action, and advocacy.
Photo courtesy of Next Generation Leadership Network.

The central activity of NGLN as a national network is the organization of a youth-centered think tank, where youth and their mentors will gather annually.  Members of NGLN will connect also, both digitally and in person, to design and develop strategic plans for individual and collective social action. 

In NGLN, we understand that our future leaders are already in the pipeline.  Our passion is to do all that we can to make sure that support them in their quests to build knowledge, experiences, and the types of expertise that will help them to  lead well–indeed, to be the leaders that we are waiting for in our communities and nation.

Photo courtesy of Next Generation Leadership Network.