Next Generation Leadership Network - Atlanta

NextGen-ATL is the Atlanta node of the Next Generation Youth Leadership Network (NGLN). NextGen-ATL engages students in the use of culture, music, and documentary film as media for representing the issues, concerns, and celebrations of their communities. The projects are designed to reinforce student learning outcomes in writing and communication while engaging them in critical thinking through arts and culture.

We are determined that there is much to cherish, celebrate, and preserve in Atlanta, and we are determined to help our youth to see how special our urban places have been, are now, and will continue to be if we bring our knowledge, vision, and enthusiasm to making it so. In NextGen—ATL, this is our mission: to love ourselves and our homes; to know and appreciate who we have been, who we are, and who we can be going forward; and to find innovative ways to be the change that our communities need to thrive, prosper, and sustain ourselves.


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