Recovering the Past

Uncovering the Present

Discovering the Future

Recovering the Past:

CWK Digitial Repository for Community Archives™

The CWK Digital Repository for Community Archives™ (DRCA) helps communities document and preserve their assets for future generations. It promotes the appreciation and celebration of local histories and legacies as community and national treasures.

 Photo courtesy of the Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library.

 Photo courtesy of CWK Data Dashboard.

Uncovering the Present:

CWK Data Dashboard

The CWK Data Dashboard is a user-friendly tool designed to draw quantitative and qualitative data from publicly available sources and locally generated sources to document the history, conditions, issues, challenges, and achievements of Westside communities.

 Photo courtesy of CWK Data Dashboard.

Discovering the Future:

CWK Next Generation Leadership Network - Atlanta

CWK NGLN-ATL supports the next generation of youth leaders in sharing their views and ideas regarding issues and challenges they care about deeply.  We support the youth in participating actively as citizens of their own communities in well-grounded, thoughtful, and articulate ways.  We connect them, as well, with  youth leaders at other NGLN sites so that they can network with peers to share ideas and experiences.

Hip Hop Is Our Vibranium Panel, March 31, 2018. Photo courtesy of Communities Who Know, Inc.TM.