The CWK Digital Repository for Community Archives™ Project (DRCA) seeks to enable individuals and groups who are interested in the preservation of the history and culture of local communities. And to provide a coherent system of support for: collecting community legacies, creating products that preserve these legacies, having a credible and dedicated community-centered archive for these assets, as well as a publicly accessible resource for sharing this archive with others. DRCA is designed to

  • Help communities to preserve their assets for future generations so that a richer rendering of legacies continues to be a part of our local and national landscapes.
  • Help in making these resources publicly available to be embraced and appreciated as community and national treasures.

The theme for DRCA is When the Lions Speak in resonance with the African proverb: Until the story of the hunt is told by the lion, it will always glorify the hunter.

A truth about American society is that our public narratives of identity, success, and pride are typically told from the perspectives of the powerful, the privileged, and the affluent and far less from the perspectives of those who are not. In the twenty-first century, however, as we acknowledge the longstanding diversity of our nation and the many ways in which citizens across many communities have contributed to the very richly endowed history of who and how we are, we must also acknowledge that we need narratives that convey our legacies and accomplishments more inclusively. There are many stories to tell and contributions to celebrate as we convey more clearly the splendid realities of our past and the ongoing potential of our present and future.

A Preservation Workshop, Feb 24, 2018. Photo courtesy of Communities Who Know, Inc.