We have an advantage in this bold undertaking of having a range of easily accessible digital tools that can help. Increasingly, citizens from many walks of life are using these tools to document their histories, experiences, and concerns through sound, visual images, and text. They do not wish to wait for others to speak for them or to (re)present their communities. The lions are speaking. They are telling their own stories.

In this first project, we are focused on Atlanta communities. With the assistance of an advisory board of professional archivists and community leaders, CWK is developing a process for archiving community generated digital assets that contribute meaningfully to the documentation and preservation of the history and culture of Atlanta neighborhoods with the goal of creating a more inclusive rendering of the “Atlanta Story.” The idea is to archive the products digitally in a cloud space with the expectation that public access will be made available through a partnership with the Auburn Avenue Research Library (AARL), as a public research library within the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System via their normal protocols for archiving, preserving, and accessing the digital resources that AARL accepts.

In order to implement this plan at the very highest levels of excellence, we are planning the following set of activities:

  • Training workshops, focused on:
    • Preserving the material assets of families and community organizations.
    • Using digital tools for documentation projects.
  • A Bi-Annual Film Festival to showcase exemplary digital projects.
  • Prizes for Excellence in the preservation and documentation of local history and culture.


Beyond the Barriers: A Film Showcase (September 17, 2017) organized by Communities Who Know TM.  Photo courtesy of CWK.


Preservation Workshop at Washington Park November 2018. Photo courtesy of CWK.


A Preservation Workshop, Feb 24, 2018. Flier courtesy of Communities Who Know, Inc.